Trango, too, has the responsibility to contribute. We want to Be A Climber in a big way, and we want to tell you a bit about how we live it out.


We flat out love this sport, lifestyle, adventure, and everything else it can be. Gym, sport, trad, ice, bouldering, big walls, alpine: we respect and pursue it all. In busy seasons some staff may well be relegated to 6am sessions before a long day in the office, but there’s always a willing partner. We believe in the power climbing has as a catalyst for positive change and growth.


We jump at opportunities to put resources into service projects like trail days, crag restoration projects, and hardware maintenance. Lander, the Red River Gorge, Eldorado Canyon, and Clear Creek Canyon are just a handful of the places we’ve been able to impact. We leverage partnerships with national and regional organizations to identify needs and develop action plans. Sometimes the projects are simple (like our holiday “sale” in which we donate the discount), and sometimes they are complex (like our project with RRGCC involving multiple days, volunteers, and contractors). One thing is stable, though: these are the things we like to spend money on.


A huge part of the Be A Climber movement is how we interact with others. The athletes who represent us know that we care less about their climbing performance than we do about their character performance. We care about how they share what gets them psyched. For the Anderson’s, it’s about educating others on all things training, so more people can see what they’re really capable of. For Erica, it about showing other young families the beta for living a full and adventurous life together. For Alex, it's about taking years of hard-won experience and passing it on to the next generation of crushers. You get the idea. We promote those who promote positivity, growth, and integrity.